Gain, accept, care, appreciate and engage are the principles behind ETM’s organizational culture. Treating people genuinely is how the company seeks to understand its business and establish its longevity.

Learn about ETM’s HSE programs:


A collection of ETM security standards, procedures and practices, which provides peace (Paz in Portuguese) of mind. 

We use campaigns and online resources to encourage ETM staff to be more independent and responsible for their actions, so that they can deliver results. Joint working is encouraged in order to promote self-confidence, so that decisions taken individually will lead to benefits for everyone. This creates a virtuous cycle, making the workplace a happier and healthier place. The company uses its own control management system to monitor its initiatives. We use behavioral audits to check constantly that staff are acting safely and improving the HSE indicators.



The objective of the HSE 4.0 Program is to reduce risk exposure by using emotional appeal to encourage compliance. Similarly, the company’s awareness and training efforts also use an attempt to create a sense of belonging, as their basis. The Daily Safety Conversations (DDS) include discussing situations outside of work to reinforce the sense that we are interested in their welfare. It is about addressing their emotional health and safety.



We aim to create a pleasant and collaborative workplace, where everyone feels stimulated and encouraged to do their best every day. Therefore, we provide opportunities for learning, growth and professional development.

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